How to be a good friend to trans people

Or… how to be a good friend to anyone who is in some way different or out of the norm. I answered a question on Quora about why it “sucks” to be trans and answering a friend’s comment realized that most of the problem roots in the difference of trans people from the norm and…… Continue reading How to be a good friend to trans people

3D Printing pages moving

It’s clear to me that I’m going to continue to blog about 3d printing and probably some other arts/music subject. I’ve copied the posts to, which I originally intended for technology commentary. I tried for an appropriate pithy domain name but everything I came up with quickly was taken. The original posts are still…… Continue reading 3D Printing pages moving

Happiness is a warm brunch

It had been too long. Before this Sunday past (1/14/18) I had last seen my daughter before my SRS, my sister and brother in law right after and my cousin S and his wife B about six years ago. The second cousin R I stayed with and her sister D were probably close to a…… Continue reading Happiness is a warm brunch

Pussy Hats Galore

I was thinking about going to the Portsmouth NH women’s march tomorrow. So I started reading about trans women and the women’s marches and uncovered and unfortunate truth. Many of my sisters are a thin skinned and, pardon me for saying so, whiny bunch. We whine about the number of trans speakers, the use of…… Continue reading Pussy Hats Galore

To thine own self be true

I remember the words, words I’ve seen echoed in questions I’ve answered. I told my rabbi that I could never be a real woman, something similar to my therapist. They told me you can be close enough. I’m telling you, close enough is good enough. It really is true, most doctors can’t tell the results…… Continue reading To thine own self be true

Controllers are anything but Smoothie

So far I’ve run through: Two RAMPs boards (maybe 3?) with attached Arduino processor boards One combined RAMPs based on a standardized MKS base design (MKS seems to be a working group of a number of Chinese firms). This worked well until it died. One Smoothie board from Kingprint based on an MKS sbase design…… Continue reading Controllers are anything but Smoothie