Will this be the opening shot of a war that goes down in history? One against the vile ideas of another time that these hateful people that Donald Trump’s america has rebranded as the alt-right. The ‘alt-right’ because it sells better than the former brand ‘White Supremacist’. Trump knows all about branding. I don’t care…… Continue reading Charlottesville

Following the Rail

there, do you see? just around the bend, the place it used to be? a place, the marker there, when you were ten,  played with friends, found love and conquered care   the tracks, we roll along, beyond each bend, new worlds of friends like mushrooms come then gone, we think the tracks go on,…… Continue reading Following the Rail

Pain, Struggles and Tears

I ran into a friend, a lovely person with one of the greatest jobs in the world. Not an easy one. She commented how open I was here on my blog and I have been with information on transition and my struggles with identity and sexuality. I don’t think I’ve kept a whole lot back.…… Continue reading Pain, Struggles and Tears

Common Cause

Well, this will be short I think. Who would have predicted common cause between some conservative Republican Senators, especially with Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as one of them. A conservative for conservatives. It is not hard to see why virtually all Democratic senators delivered a big thumbs down to one of the singularly most politically stupid,…… Continue reading Common Cause

To See (joined and reworked)

Writing fiction is a new endeavor for me. Comments would be great, but if I get far with this I’ll probably finish it separately for obvious sorts of reasons 🙂 I’m leaving the first two posts up but will remove them in a few days if anyone wants to see how it changed. To See…… Continue reading To See (joined and reworked)