I’ve started writing what I’m told is termed “creative non-fiction”. It’s based on my story but isn’t quite my story. It’s truthful, but details, names and places are changed, and conversations are changed to advance the “plot” as it were. I’m finding the writing process interesting, if not also a bit cathartic. It’s giving me…… Continue reading Writing

What’s wrong with the US?

When Pakistan passes a transgender right’s bill and the United States president is doing his best to role back what few federal protections were passed under president Obama, there’s something drastically wrong. It is literally, not figuratively now  the case that a transgender person would have more protected rights in Pakistan than in much of…… Continue reading What’s wrong with the US?

Advice on obtaining GCS

You need to follow the standards of care set out by WPATH. You will have to be living full time for a minimum of a year and on HRT for at least a year if there is no medical reason not to. You will need recommendation letters from a therapist or psychologist plus a medical…… Continue reading Advice on obtaining GCS

How I Waited to Transition

For many years before I came out I not only knew I was transgender but was having some real degree of struggle with it. Over the years I found various coping mechanisms. Early, when I was twenty one I took dance classes in ballet. They allowed that feminine side of me an expression. I wasn’t…… Continue reading How I Waited to Transition

Has the Show “New Girl” Jumped the Shark?

Here I am, far afield. I’m no media critic, but I am a long time fan of the show New Girl. I’ve always enjoyed the main character played by Zooey Deschanel. I sometimes wonder if she started the style of light wing back glasses we see a lot of these days. The writing until last season…… Continue reading Has the Show “New Girl” Jumped the Shark?

The Tarnished Ring – a short story

There once was a street urchin who played in the streets of London. Those were the days of horses and carts with the gutters filled with dung and sewage. The streets were a dirty filthy place to pass his day. “Ow” cried the boy as a merchant bopped him on the head. “Get you away…… Continue reading The Tarnished Ring – a short story