Torn silk and ruined pride

The 12 and hundred rode away
Fight the evil devils they say
They are not made the way we are
Of flesh and bone and stardust fair
We could not know them now

There shining armor was so bright
You saw them clearly in the night
Their camps were made in line and round
Scouts about and fires bright
To keep them safe from harm

The day of battle came at last
Begun by many trumpet blasts
We saw the enemy at last
And they looked just the same
But we called them other names

When midday came the game was lost
The pieces scattered on the board
Their dented armor shone no more
Bedraggled silks all limp and wan
Above the fine brigade

And far away in tower high
The puppet master schemes anigh
He pulls the strings from broken arms
And fasten them with skeins of yarns
To new and finer men to send
and play the game again


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