Future grace

(the last of today’s posts. I’m still mostly catching up with past poetry for those posts)
Though the roots are buried deep
In the watered muddy clay
There are feelings that you keep
Forever and a dayTwines the morning glory fine
With the thorny cane laid bare
Where the summer’s fruit lay waiting
For the bright fall’s morning air

But the cane found new horizons
And a better way to be
It brought heartache to the flower
Supported now you see

As the cane became a rose bush
And the flower found her place
In the changing light of autumn
Not so far from good God’s grace

Then the two could grown to heaven
Angel choirs sing on high
To the harmony that bound them
Roots so deep and ties that bind

Bittersweet it was their parting
Though the roots still tightly bind
The one unto the other
For the peace that they will find


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