We live, we change, we transform. People make many transitions, from child to adult, school to work to retirement, single to married to widowed or divorced. I don’t know that gender makes for a particularly deep transition, perhaps just yet another difficult one to gain perspective upon.

In a short while I’ll reach the practical end of my transition. I have scheduled what I feel I need to be whole, and beyond that there are no other physical changes I envision. If I would, I believe it would be from the viewpoint of being female and wanting to be “better” in some definition of the word.

Some who follow this road never reach satisfaction, and that makes me very sad. Yet it is not unique. It is terribly human to look around and notice what others have that you have not and yearn for them. It needn’t be possessions in a traditional sense, especially not in these days. It can be a physical characteristic, or a relationship, even knowledge.

Yet always yearning doesn’t make for a happy life. I plan on being satisfied with mine. Enough to eat, shelter from the storm, good friends, and some extra cash to buy the toys I really want, even if those toys tend to be clothing, shoes, jewelry and makeup now rather than electronics.


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