Under a Bushel

I want to find a melody at some point for this…

There’s a girl deep inside of me and she’s singing me a song
As I play out in my dungarees has it really been that long?
Six summers in a small town that will never come again
Be true to yourself she says, let all know who can hear
But the boy never speaks a word held back by pain and fear

We hold deep within us the people that we are
And to finally get to be them we wish on the morning star
As that morning start it glitters so silver and so bright
Close to our hearts we hold it, hope and comfort through the night

There’s a boy beneath her skin she hears him every day
I’ve no use for hair and makeup and I just won’t go away
Now she’s getting older, body no longer like a boy’s
People want her to wear dresses but she’d rather climb a tree
She prays at night along to god just make it right
For if you don’t I’m not to sure I’ll make another night

He sits beside his lover 3 and 50 years has he
The secret deep within him hidden is shouting now you see
For each year that’s passed it has not grown gentler in his sign
And now it begs the question to tell it all or no
Or let the gentle darkness take him, and the pain that tears him so

For fears the are so many and answers they are few
Will she stand beside Katie as she did beside Andrew?
Will lifelong friends abandon her or stick iron tight
to the sweet and gentle woman who’s been hidden from their sight
Will her friends and loved ones gather her and nurture her with care
and help her turn from darkness and walk straight into the light


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