The Light

The glow of her laughter
The light of her smile
The sound of her after
The footsteps pass by

She travels the lowlands
She travels the plains
She travels the highlands
To them all the same

Do you see her in Springtime
In your young lovers eyes?
In the passing of Winter
and the old lovers sighs?

She’s as high as the moon
and as deep as the sea
Filling every last season
with deep reverie

To one she is love
The next she is joy
Christmas eve mirth
and naught to annoy

But to all she brings light to find their way home
To bring them together when long days are done
To gather round tables and bow their heads low
And whisper soft prayer to the one made them so

Gathered together so solemn and still
The tiny light glows with a presence and will
It holds all the family in wonder and care
And shows the way forward by wing and by prayer


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