The way back

We find ourselves we know not where
In a forest dark and drear
And yet the distant star draws near
and pulls us toward the lady fair
with even locks of fine gold hair
that beckon us to move quite near
and smell the lavender that grows
in the clearing around her

The starlight shines off the pool
That shows the path before the fool
To find the wisest route to take
To find what God what wrote she make
And following that path not widely known
Full of brambles, sticks and stones
At last to find the crossroads where
The lady with the golden hair
Points the way to go

On she goes, no path behind
and suddenly it comes to mind
that noise behind, that bay and growl
It doth a pack of dogs who howl
and on the trail they chase along
to find the girl who onward strong
Flees to find her future self
Finds her courage, steel and stealth
And leaves them

At last her destiny at hand
She comes onto the promised land
and back she looks with a small sigh
and sees no passage with her keen eye
no mark, no sign of nocturnal flight
a one way journey through that dark night
Rejoice upon the faerie mound
Drink the wine and sing out loud
And live the life that to you comes
Carpe diem each day she hums


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