Tied to earth with bonds held strong,
Hardened ages twisted tight.
Ruled by darkness shirked the light
and never saw the path

Then a star at last appears,
To bring some hope to wayward fears.
Dimly seen, an answered prayer
to end the corded misery

Shattered stories laws upturned,
Justice found in words not hear.
Hammers ring the bonds that fall
and then they see the light

The monsters then are laid to rest,
Freedom yielded gifts are blessed.
Never more contented rest
but guard that new found hope

I don’t usually add a comment to my poetry, but I thought this one might deserve one. I see and have seen over my short life of almost three score years so many injustices done, so many people in chains or abused. Near my heart might be LGBT folks, but equally my ancestors in Nazi Germany, Cambodians, victims of the cultural revolution, Stalinist purges, and the list goes on. Modern day slaves wait for liberation in tony US suburbs where people have bought indentured servants on the black market from human traffickers, abused and neglected these people don’t raise the higher profile that the scandalous sex trade does.

The poem is dedicated to all of these. All who lie unable to secure their own liberation. There but for the grace of God go we.


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