The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Back in July I was in Philadelphia to see two surgeons about SRS. On my first day their I arrived early enough that I thought it worthwhile to head into town and see some historical sites. I parked at what looked like a valid spot. There was a kiosk nearby and there are these little posts with medallions. I parked in front of a medallion but didn’t think to look up. After all, I was in what appeared to be a valid spot!

I returned to find the car had been towed, and after being repeatedly misgendered when I went to get help at the police station immediately nearby I eventually got the car out of impoundment. $175 for the tow and $17 for the taxi. As far as the misgendering, nobody I know thinks I look anything but female and I had on earrings and a necklace and turquoise nail polish. I doubt the officer could see my skirt.

OK, lousy day but I thought it was over. I filed a complaint about the officer, and tried contacting the mayors office about that and the towing. It was such an unfriendly thing to do to a tourist – why not just put a ticket on it?

But we weren’t done. A month or so later Hertz demands another $25 as an administrative fee. OK, I’m stuck and I pay that. Today the latest insult. It turns out that I owed a fine in addition to the towing fee. Another $75, but that’s not all, because I’ve moved and the post office took 12 days, that’s right, 12 days! to forward my mail a grand total of 3 miles there was a $30 penalty added to the ticket.

I’ve asked them to at least refund the $30 since I’m not really responsible for the failings of the USPS.

I just hope I don’t get some other dunning notice because I’m now on their mailing list and have to chip in for the parking authority fundraiser….

So much for the city of brotherly love. More like the city that can’t take it’s hand out of my pocket.


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