I walk down the path on a bright frosty morn,
not a soul is in site through the trees
and the bright berries greet me like old friends at the hearth
in the warm, candlelight glow

In the orchard are apples all rosy and bright,
Ripe for the picking by children raised right
And the hayrides and cider give the season’s warm glow,
though a chill takes the air and the leaves color so

Bright flaming maples in colors so light,
Red, orange and yellow awake in the day
Then out come the pumpkins with their crooked teeth,
Scare little children come trick or come treat

Well Hallow eve’s over and tummy aches past,
Frost on the windows Fall is passing at last
All out there raking with jackets on tight,
‘gainst the November winds that blow

There’s nothing I’d trade for a New England Fall,
Moldering leaves, bright red apples and all
Betwixt hot bright Summer and Thanksgiving feast,
A time to clean house for the long Winter sleep


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