Three weeks post op

This is likely the last post solely about my surgery, truthfully there are many details that are inappropriate to share either because of my privacy and modesty, or a desire to not publish uncomfortable descriptions. For those who want the anatomical, medical view of this topic I suggest doing searches on PubMed and YouTube has…… Continue reading Three weeks post op

Them or me, partie deuxieme

This isn’t really about trans issues, at least that isn’t my call on it. One of the other things that happens in life is finding out a friend isn’t much of a friend. To my thinking friends care about each other and therefore would care if they upset a friend, would want to know why…… Continue reading Them or me, partie deuxieme

Transitioning at Work

During March 2014 I went full time. Like most transitioning men and women I had transitioned everywhere but work. Work was the scariest place to transition since a disaster there would be hard to recover from. Work would also place the greatest demands to date to be dressed and present appropriately, and determining what appropriate…… Continue reading Transitioning at Work

Is it them, or Me??

The areas that hurt most transitioners are losses of family, friends, community and employment. As society gets more accepting these tend to be less of a problem, but it would be the rare trans person who is totally unaffected. Here I want to talk about friends. I can only speak from an MtF viewpoint, I’m…… Continue reading Is it them, or Me??

The true cost of SRS

People live through many good and bad times in their lives. If you are trans, signing up for some type of ┬áreassignment surgery is just one more of these. No one reading my post should think that deciding to get SRS, preparing for it or moving on afterwards is a world of rainbows and unicorns.…… Continue reading The true cost of SRS