Final Countdown

There’s definitely a phenomena that shows up when we are waiting for an event to happen. Time slows as we approach the event, like Zeno’s paradox where you can only split the distance between you and your goal by half each time. You can get very close but never quite arrive.

The flip side is that in that last bit it seems like time is just flying by and that it was just yesterday you had three months to plan and prepare and now you’re getting on a plane on Sunday.

For months now I had a date when my medical leave would start, today that is. I spent time making sure that each project I contribute to wouldn’t be too impacted. I met with mixed results and as I’ve told my coworkers, I’m basically out of touch from early Sunday to when I arrive home two weeks later, exhausted with healing up from breast augmentation and reassignment surgery.

Walking out of the building tonight felt very surreal. I had spent the day exchanging well wishing with all these wonderful people and now came the time to say goodbye to the empty building, not to return until January 4th.


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