One week

It was one week ago I had my surgery. I’m a little under a week from going home. The surgeon, Dr. Leis, told me I’m healing well and can go home next weekend. I did take a look for Saturday flights, but finally decided having another day to recuperate is no bad thing.

I’ve had very minimal issues with pain, in fact I took a Tylenol to deal with some soreness at bedtime, and for that to be all I’m dealing with a week after is incredible. I give the surgeon huge credit, I get a little for being well behaved and trying to follow all instructions, and it’s possible that some of the numb areas would be painful if they had sensation.

Recovering from the surgery and anesthesia in the more general sense is a slow process. The first four or five days saw huge jumps each day, but in starting to understand how much healing is still ahead and why if can take a couple of months to get back to normalcy.

I’m a little lightheaded, although reasonable safe on my feet now. I’m still supposed to minimize walking. Walking is not at all painful, I had read one account describing walking at this point as needing to straddle an invisible horse, not so for me. I may not have the energy to walk far, but walking normally isn’t a problem.

I have various exercises scattered in the routine. Above I need to push my breasts in each direction a few seconds twice a day to try to ensure that I don’t end up with contracture where the implants end up held tightly by scar tissue.

Below there is dilation four times a day, not a huge deal, and I’m sure the minimal discomfort I have will disappear over time.


2 thoughts on “One week

  1. Congrats! My wife pointed me to your blog – both she and I will be starting HRT in the near future – we are a TG couple in our 60’s – your blog gives us much hope and inspiration. YOU GO GRRL!!!

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