Two weeks

Well, two weeks is actually tomorrow morning, but I figured this was close enough.

I had my last checkup with Dr. Leis last night and was told I’m healing up well. There are some extremely minor issues that will resolve themselves over time, nothing terribly annoying. Lacking some sin of omission or commission on my part everything should entirely heal.

With the help of my electronic friends, e.g. mobile phone, I was able to get a fairly good look at his handiwork myself. It looks pretty reasonable to me. The swelling will take a month or two more to mostly disappear. Complete healing takes about a year.

Travelling home today mostly went to plan. I unfortunately lost my donut cushion by leaving it behind on the wheelchair, but I managed the flight and ride home without an excessive amount of discomfort.

I’m now back in my apartment and will be inside here for at least another week, and better two. There’s plenty of food on hand, so I won’t starve and I’m told various and sundry will come and visit, so I shouldn’t be lonely.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


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