Three weeks post op

This is likely the last post solely about my surgery, truthfully there are many details that are inappropriate to share either because of my privacy and modesty, or a desire to not publish uncomfortable descriptions. For those who want the anatomical, medical view of this topic I suggest doing searches on PubMed and YouTube has videos of the procedure if you have a strong constitution when it comes to viewing surgery.

My temple community was terrifically supportive. Something (!) made it so a person came by each day. It made a huge difference to me psychologically being confined to the apartment. My love to each of them, they know who they are!

At three weeks discomfort is becoming much less an issue. Just over the last day or two I’ve noticed much less of it in my chest. Truthfully until then the chest was often more of a problem than the bottom surgery. I do need to venture out and buy a well fitting bra or two though, I started surgery with a sports bra with a zipper in front and the zipper’s failed, so the one backup bra I had bought is being used every day and it’s crying out for a break.

The other end is getting gradually better as well, but the fewer details the better perhaps.

I went out with a friend to a place down the street from my apartment. She commented that I was looking so much better than a week ago, and in fact I was able to wander around with her from shop to shop for a bit. Yet then I hit a brick wall and had to sit. That’s seems to be the issue, I have a certain ability to exert myself but a really hard limit. The limit is much more than it was a week ago though. I actually walked the length of the street back to the apartment building and then back to my apartment, about a 10 minute walk.

Like many recuperating girls I had a few medical issues come up. The woman who assisted the surgeon left me her number so I called her. I was able to get most of my questions answered and felt more at ease after that.

All in all to go from laying in a hospital bed to walking for ten minutes in three weeks after a major abdominal surgery seems almost like magic to me. What a miracle the body is to heal itself like this, perhaps we are made in the image of God.


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