Keeping a sense of humor

I had to make an appointment with a gynecologist. It was unsurprisingly my first that wasn’t just to talk to her before surgery so the first real appointment wouldn’t be too strange (where are the smiley faces when I want one!).

I’ve been to a lot of doctors and there are many awkward positions available. There’s the famous exams one gets as a guy to check the prostate and the one you turn and cough for to check for a hernia. Yet nothing is quite as special as having one’s feet in stirrups and one’s butt stuck forward so that things can be worked upon.

This is the latest in many indignities encountered in my life. The past few years has of course seen many related to the transgender journey, but let’s face it, in life we travel along and encounter many such events.

There’s only one thing for it. Keep a sense of humor. Make jokes about it. Laugh about the ridiculousness of it all.

End of the Fourth Week

There isn’t so much to say. Healing continues, pain (euphemistically termed discomfort) keeps reducing. Any parents out there remember Lamaze classes? You’re sitting there with your pregnant wife and the instructor is telling you how important it is to encourage her to breathe through the discomfort. Fast forward a couple of months later and your wife is ready to rip you open on each contraction. Euphemisms, hah!

Still, there’s a qualitative difference when the pain stops being there if there isn’t some sort of pressure or movement involved. It’s a big improvement. Sleep comes easier for one.

During this week I went from being exhausted after a short errand to being able to spend a couple of hours out and about before getting exhausted. It’s a good trend.

I’ll be returning to Philly for a followup on the 18th, after that my plan is to have the GYN monitor things and only go back if I need a revision (that waits to 1 years post op as that’s how long it takes for absolute complete healing to finish).



4 thoughts on “Keeping a sense of humor

  1. In all things we hear about the extraordinary. The mundane defies reporting. What would the news be? In the vast majority of the country nobody was murdered, there were no dramatic drug busts and no traffic fatalities occurred. Further, nobody won the lottery and there was enough water (at least for now).

    I too have read awful stories, people who get recto-vaginal fistulas, remain unhealed for extensive periods of time, have ongoing pain past the healing, are insensate or anorgasmic despite being able to orgasm before. All told these are probably 5% of the cases or less. One has to play the odds, and if you’re unlucky be stubborn about getting the problems fixed (where possible).

    I know for fistulas they represent << %1 of surgeries and both my surgeon told me about where not directly from the surgery but instead from improper dilation.

    All this is a very very important reason to find a surgeon with experience and a track record. It does you absolutely no good to have the prettiest vulva on the planet if the parts don't work.

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