A Month and a Day

Alright, that was not my last SRS posting. Women can be mercurial, no?

At this point things are largely pain free. I can sit with relative comfort on some soft surfaces. Swelling is much reduced, which is doubtless a major reason why pain has reduced.

I had to visit the gynecologist last week to have sloughing skin debrided which should aid in healing. This was my first real visit and it was, um, interesting to have to assume the position they want you in, ROTFL. I have a raw area where necrotic tissue was removed that is exposed externally and the healing is very, very slow. I’m told a couple of months for that area to be first covered by granulation tissue and then finally epithelium.

I’m returning to the surgeon in Philadelphia on the 18th for a follow up. I’m doing my homework, dilations several times a day and remaining properly clean. Hopefully I’ll get a completely clear bill of health.

Neural reconnections are continuing. I don’t seem to have any completely numb areas “downstairs”, however “upstairs” there is a significant area on each breast. It’s a notably larger area on the left than the right.

I’ve gotten curious to check the progress, so a straight pin to test sensation and a small sharpie are allowing me to see what’s up. Hopefully sensation will return to the entire area in time. Peripheral nerves regrow at about 1mm/day and that seems to be reflected in the progress I’m seeing.

Last, my energy has, for the most part, improved each day, but I hit a wall again this afternoon. It reminds me that my body’s been through a major ordeal and deserves my caring and respect.



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