Six and a half weeks

It hasn’t been long since surgery, but six and going on seven weeks have seen huge changes. Healing of course, the swelling going down, sensation returning at a slow pace, the quelling of over sensitivity.

At this point the only pain I feel is working the current largest dilator into place. Perhaps I need to get the angle right, but it goes. Some promising more positive sensations are there too. This will continue to evolve I’m sure.

I was supposed to have a followup last week but I was bumped from the flight and went home. Truthfully I was exhausted just getting to the airport and dealing with parking and security. If I had done my daytrip I would have been totally worn out. On the good side they sent me $800 in compensation and I had my ticket refunded. I’ll go back in January instead and probably take a night at a hotel so I don’t wear myself out.

The most remarkable thing is to shine my tiny LED flashlight on the results and use a mirror to examine them. It is hard to believe that the lady garden came from my prior anatomy. The surfaces seem to bear no resemblance to scrotal or penile skin. All the parts that should be there are present, with appropriate correct anatomy. That this should be possible seems almost unreasonable.

I’ve gone from being in a hospital bed just six weeks ago to being able to spend a number of hours actively doing things. Today I baked chocolate chip cookies to bring to a friends house tomorrow.

I return to work a week from Monday and I’m very much looking forward to that. I am tired of being in my apartment with errands to get out. The most exciting thing this week up to now was seeing the new Star Wars film.

Tomorrow I go into Boston to hang out with a friend and her daughter. That should be fun.

For all I worried about recovery, the only difficult challenge was getting tired easily. The many problems I worried about never appeared and while it wasn’t a vacation, I was able to rest and heal.


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