To Live is to Learn is to Grow

I first came out in April 2012, which is now coming up on four years ago, it seems like a geological age has passed between.. The changes, which thankfully are over (at least in the large), have been many. I often said why me, but after reading the classic, “True Selves” realized that I was…… Continue reading To Live is to Learn is to Grow

Really, even here?

There still is no legislation ensuring access for transgender people to public accommodations in Massachusetts. If a building owner wants, they can insist I leave the ladies room and for that matter the establishment based on my gender identity. There are many people working on fixing this for Massachusetts and given the Attorney General Maura…… Continue reading Really, even here?

January 26, 2016

This post isn’t themed, it isn’t educational, it’s just reflective. I’m coming up on three months post op and two years since I went full time. I was walking out of Lahey clinic today where I had what was definitely one too many doctor’s appointments over the last week (although I can’t say enough good…… Continue reading January 26, 2016