Happy New Year

First and foremost may 2016 be a better year for us all. Life involves change and while not all change may be welcome, it will happen anyway. It remains to us whether we embrace change or fight the losing battle for stasis.

For me last year was all about change, and change that remains in flux. A decision to separate after 29 years of marriage, moving from the familiar to new walls and doors, a meeting with our daughter after 2 1/2 years of absence, and finally a transformation into as near a biological woman as can be managed in these days.

Last year saw friends distancing and falling away, deepening friendships with women and a more honest realization of my gains and losses.

The world hardly stood still for my personal struggles. I was reminded with the daily news of how lucky I am to not be living in a war torn country, to have food, clean water and shelter, to have a chance of living a genuine life.

May all of you have a wonderful new year of joy, fulfillment and happiness.



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