Along the midnight path she wandered,
between the surf and sand.
The moon it lit her onward path,
she opened up her hand.

The moonlight filled the hollow there,
all with silver light.
Reflecting in her eyes it shone,
Lighting up the night.

A new found path it lit for her,
Away from surf and sand.
Through brambles and sharpened rocks,
She stumbled through the land.

It led at last to ancient trees,
A good six feet in girth.
Amidst the branches up the trunk,
There sat elves lost in mirth.

Down they came and joined her there,
In the clearing bright.
From moonset to the birth of sun,
They danced all through the night.

The girl she drowsed and said farewell,
To handsome Elvish lads.
Later she woke in her bed,
and wondered what had past.

Like her we dream of life fulfilled,
of magic in the night.
Some can hold this dream in hand,
searching for the light.
Others lose their way so fast
and lose the way of right.
Let us pray that light prevails,
the lost path in the night.


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