This morning my alarm woke me and instead of considering turning it off or hitting the sleep timer I got up. I had little choice given how long it takes me to get ready for work and to work I was going this morning after eight weeks of absence.

I washed and dressed and made up and ate and rolled out the door. Into the car and down the highway and into my office, saying hello to coworkers and work friends. It was good to be back.

But as I knew, until I was actually there I wouldn’t realize how tired I would get and I started the day a bit tired and when I left in the afternoon I was really pooped. Despite thoughts I could have come back a week or two ago, that just would not have worked.

Everyone was very welcoming, this was very uplifting considering some of what I’ve been going through.

My day ended just in time and I drove home slowly and safely and crawled into bed to rest.


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