Male Privilege

This is one of the refrains I’m tired of hearing, along with female upbringing, and the occasional reference to menstruation. Not everyone seems to be able to be able to accept trans women as women. Witness Germaine Greer’s comment about us not having smelly vaginas and therefore not being real women. Of course I’ve never noticed vaginas as being overly pungent whether my own or others as long as they are moderately clean.

I suppose I reaped a benefit from male privilege, primarily that I was supported better in going to college than my sister. Yet I work in a workplace that’s transparent about people’s relative pay for their grade and I’m not extraordinarily compensated. The distribution looked reasonable to me when they showed it to us, perhaps our employer doesn’t discriminate much that way.

Male privilege certainly hasn’t helped my pay. I took a cut to go to my current employer after regaining some of the cut I had to take to go to the prior employer because I was being hired after a layoff. In constant dollars I was paid the most in the late 90s when working for a west coast firm. Nor have I seen an increase in at least several years.

The stories from trans women in general is that once transitioned they seem to suffer from all the same discrimination any other woman is subject to. Is that enough, or is there a requirement on quantity as well?

But here’s the thing. I don’t claim to have been born a woman. I’m quite straightforward about having transitioned. While I haven’t had to deal with some of the slings and arrows I would have needed to dodge over the years, I’ve had my own issues to deal with. What is the gain in comparing?

As to the rest, I’ve addressed it before. Not all women can or want to bear children. Some women can’t have periods. Not every girl’s childhood is the same – really, there’s no handbook and some parents are pretty ridiculous.

I absolutely agree that trans women who transition after childhood lack having been socialized as females while growing up and as a result have to learn later in life, but that will go away as children can transition in childhood. We do learn it though – we have to live in a society with a set of expectations and they come through pretty clearly. It’s one of the reasons we’re said to go through a second puberty.


My original post lies above, this is an addendum posted on the 9th. I had approved a dissenting comment and answered it. I had realized on posting this subject that it might end up being troll bait and unfortunately this commenter turned out to be such as her further reply was ill mannered and as far as I’m concerned made an ad hominem attack. I removed the comment.

Just to clarify the above post. I do think both male privilege and sexism are alive in modern society and should be dealt with. I also think it’s inappropriate to use a transwoman’s supposed history of male privilege to exclude her. You would not do so for a cis-female who was born privileged and sheltered, so it isn’t appropriate for a trans-female either in my opinion.

Feel free to comment below. I won’t remove polite dissenting views.


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