Reviewing Transparent (1 & 2)

Amazon has now produced two seasons of a series where the main character, Maura, is a transgender woman in later years. She has a wife and several kids and the drama unfolds around the family and their various connections, romantic and otherwise.

The show touches on many themes. It isn’t for really young viewers as there’s often some nudity and sexual content, but all in all it is tasteful.

What the show has to really recommend it, especially for those who don’t understand the trans experience, is the genuineness of Maura’s transition. Anyone who’s gone through this will be nodding their heads because they will see themselves in Maura. The family dynamics, the image issues, the parent child relationships, and so on.

Maura is brilliantly portrayed by Jeffery Tambour, who is not, of course, transgender. He brings a wonderful sensitivity to the role nonetheless and is very believable. Other trans women cast on the show are actually trans women and I give the producers a great deal of credit for not using cis gendered women to portray those roles as has often been done in mainstream media.

I’d say more but I don’t want to spoil your experience discovering the show!

I highly recommend the show as a show, and especially as a sensitive and accurate portrayal of a transition of a trans woman’s journey.


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