Skip The Recommendations

I love my friends, and I honor their kind efforts, but I have to say to my friends and the friends to other trans people that we don’t really need to be told about the latest book, TV show, movie, play, third cousin twice removed or other anecdote. We actually live this life.

I can only speak for myself when I say I’ve heard, read and seen heartbreaking stories of lives in transition, a few happy and many sad stories. Stories of people who couldn’t take the strain of family disapproval and ended their suffering, stories of people who made it at a huge cost, stories that ended more happy than not, and not any two the same.

I’ve read fictional and factual books, researched virtually every aspect of the journey as is my wont with most everything in my life.

I’m happy when my friends find a show or a movie that help them understand our journeys better, as long as they realize that Caitlyn’s journey isn’t mine, nor is Jazz’s journey mine. Learning through these stories humanize trans people in an important way. Shows like Transparent, Orange is the New Black and Sense 8 that either feature or include trans characters also normalize our lives and struggles.

Share if you’d like, but understand that I’m unlikely to want to immediately go read another story, watch another movie or follow another TV show.


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