First Event

I attended First Event for the third time this weekend. For the first time I started to see where I might want to make a regular thing of it, or perhaps not. I had a good time, albeit I stayed for limited hours as I still am battling fatigue even now, eleven weeks post surgery.

The very first thing I did was meet with my surgeon and have the followup I had missed back in December. It took just a few minutes. Mostly things were very good, just a couple of minor issues my GYN will help me out with. All in all this has worked out well.

They have about eight or nine meeting rooms setup for talks. I went to some talks each day. Had some fun, did a lot of talking with people. I attended the buffet dinner the first night and watched a bit of the fashion show, which was really great fun and honestly, nothing like the cross dressing that I expected. In fact, I found myself perfectly happy with everyone there regardless of what flavor of transgender person they were.

I had a lovely complement from someone, I think another trans women, who asked if I was a cis gendered female. I know I pass well, but trans women have very good instincts in seeing other trans women since we know what the cues are, so that was really lovely.

The only bad thing was that it was snowing on Saturday and I really needed to leave before dinner. It would have been nice to hang out and have dinner with everyone.


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