Really, even here?

There still is no legislation ensuring access for transgender people to public accommodations in Massachusetts. If a building owner wants, they can insist I leave the ladies room and for that matter the establishment based on my gender identity. There are many people working on fixing this for Massachusetts and given the Attorney General Maura Healey is one of them it will probably get fixed, but really?

What’s more disturbing are attempts to ban access or actually criminalize access to bathrooms for transgender people. I’ve heard it asserted and haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary that there’s not a single incident of any kind of attack by a TG person in a bathroom to date, certainly not of a sexual nature. Access rules that legislate TG access normally require some minimal requirement such as being diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Yet the proponents of the bills run outrageous ads showing men with two days of beard growth sneaking into the ladies room – really?

If you know anyone in Kentucky, Florida or Texas, please ask them to work against this affront to basic decency. See this page for details.

I should add that there are plenty of recorded incidents of harassment and violence against trans people in bathrooms. You can imagine what it would be like for me in the men’s room in some places. At best I’d make every  man uncomfortable because I really can’t be mistaken for one  under normal circumstances.


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