In Zion

She sat by the stream
And played the Lyre,
Dreaming of Zion
of Jerusalem
Golden on a hill
Shining, calling to all
Come and live in my light
But she was in shadow
In twilight
as the music softly told
a story low
in the dark she lay alone
and the angels showed her a sign
that she would find the light again

Wakening in the morning
She sat up to find a beautiful bird
Looking down and singing to her
From an olive tree
The bird flew to the next tree
she followed and the bird led
the light grew and before the day was over
the city of David lay
within her gaze
while she stood on the mount of olives
She walked through the eastern gate
And she passed the night in the city with four walls round
the bird having left for its next errand

The morning came and an old man clapped
at the entrance to her room
He offered to explain the mysteries
to bring enlightenment
to lift her burdens
He knew her name, though she had told no one
and where she was born, although it was far away
so she followed and stayed with him a year, a month and a day

As the time past she fell into the rhythm of a simple life
One without demands
One without possessions
One without plan
yet one with happiness
and contentment
and peace
and she was satisfied


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