SRS Update

It’s going on four months and perhaps not amazingly there are still slow changes happening to the lady garden. One of the interesting things is just mental. I examine myself before each dilation to see what is going on and recently caught myself just looking and smiling. Guess it really was the right thing to do!

As far as I can tell I just have one more small patch of granulation tissue left. It’s in the vaginal opening at about 6 o’clock. It’s slowly healing over and while it is I’m staying at a moderate dilator size to avoid too much pressure.

The surgical scars are mostly faded to white. There are two fairly long ones on each side outside of the labia majora. Interestingly they match up with a pair of hernia scars left from when I was a child – go figure. It’s hard to find them and there’s pubic hair growing back in that is covering them.

The sloughing process is very curious and I think is finally getting to be on its last legs for me. Basically the layers of skin on the grafts fall away and are replaced. It looks curious and leads to unpleasant stuff that needs to be taken care of. As far as I can tell the layers aren’t being replaced with quite what was there, but perhaps that’s my  mind’s imagination at work.

The general conclusion reading articles from PubMed (index of medical articles) is that the lining of the neovagina grows to resemble a natal vagina over time both in the large scale sense and at the microscopic level. Whether the lining really becomes mucus membrane or not, it sure looks and feels appropriate even now.

The aftermath of the surgery is still being felt. I still need to curtail work hours. If I don’t I’m really not productive those last couple of hours of the day anyway, so ina sense I’m fooling nobody.


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