Media’s message to women and girls

I’m not breaking new ground, but it’s always interesting to me how men and women see the presentation of women in popular media so differently. Even very sensitive progressive concerned men. Even women who haven’t always been women.

Someone I know posted a social media post about that queen of media attention Kim K. whose rump is large enough to attract at least small planetoids. I understand the FAA needs to know its location to avoid problems with aircraft navigation. She’s one of only five humans visible from space…. ok, enough jokes.

Honestly, she may have bad taste and be a terrible role model for girls but I’ll grant she’s still a person who has hopes, goals, and feelings. I just don’t personally get the desire to alter what was doubtless a perfectly fine body to that extent. Modest amounts I understand, but she’s literally created a caricature of a female body that I somehow doubt can actually exist in real life.

At the other extreme with have the Victoria Secret Swimwear Special, a yearly hour long advertisement for the clothing powerhouse that attempts to convince women and girls that wearing their bras and panties are worth a 100% markup over more pedestrian brands. I don’t doubt some brands can justify that, but VS’s secret appears to mostly be powerful advertising. But I’ll qualify that by saying I’m not an expert.

We get to watch 19 yr olds with exactly 4 oz of extra body fat deposited in each breast and each buttock gambol for an hour while showing off VS’s collection. I’m not a great judge of size by visual examination but I wouldn’t be astonished to find out they were all size 0 or 00. For the testosterone impaired, that roughly translates to a 20″ waist.

From Kim a young girl hears “You’re inadequate with you perfect small beautiful body and slim waist, hips and thighs because a real woman has an hourglass figure like a wasp.” She tells an older woman “See? If you just had some self control (and millions in personal wealth to draw on from Daddy) you could look like me” For some reason everyone believes that makes her worth listening to. I’ve yet to watch her show.

The VS model’s message is about the same as every other perfectly thin young (and airbrushed in print) model’s message. The young woman who’s bigger than a size 2 has something wrong with her. It leads to the massive amounts of eating disorders and depression among young women as they are presented with crazy notions of what’s normal and achievable. For women my age there’s just a big heap of scorn looking down from that magazine’s page.

For the record, when I was a teen boy (hard as that is to admit I was that and had the appropriate desires that went along with it), the girls I thought were attractive and pretty were not the ones built like a stick. I never understood the quest for extreme thinness as a adolescent male or a man, I never approved of it as our daughter’s dad, and while I “understand” it as a woman from the viewpoint of the awful goals placed on us, I haven’t changed my mind about it being idiotic.

Let me leave you with this notion. I read somewhere that among adult women, actual grown up women, the average size is a 14. If you walk into the more fashionable stores in a mall, I challenge you to find one that sells over a 16. Personally, at 5′ 10″ I’m overweight at a size 16 but not crazily so and I’m not overly tall either. What’s wrong with the average woman’s size being the extreme high end of what they’re selling? I guess we’re supposed to just not care after 30.


2 thoughts on “Media’s message to women and girls

  1. Yet another well written and wise post! I agree with your post. I wish that i could write even half as well as you write.


  2. Thank you, I never tire of hearing such lovely flattery of course 🙂 I’m sure that even if you don’t currently write well that you would write better and better with practice. It’s like any skill. I hope your path has been smooth.


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