Tell me what you think

I’ve been writing this blog for almost seven months. A very few people have made comments, and I thank you for them! I made a simple poll for you to vote on so I can get a sense of what people think about at least the trans posts. Please feel free to comment as well.

Update 3/29:

I appreciate the comments made. Please understand I have no intention of stopping writing. I know I have different, probably overlapping audiences. The poetry and prose reaches new people all the time as I think there are channels on WordPress the some just watch for new writers.

I write the material about my life and educational information in hopes of helping others like me who may either need or want or just appreciate another voice telling them that this can work out ok. Some days I write to tell myself it will be ok. Some days this is just a heavily sanitized journal where I leave out personal details because the Internet is a strange and beautiful and wild place.

Lastly, I write because I like to write. I’m sure my high school English teacher would be astonished to find this out, that a kid who liked chemistry and physics and went on to engineering school would find writing a satisfying avocation.




3 thoughts on “Tell me what you think

  1. Rachel, you write very well, but I wouldn’t use the number of comments as a measure of how many people read and appreciate your blog. I watch a number of YouTubers (instead of watching TV). For a good video there may be “likes” from around 10-15% of the viewers and comments from 1%. For content that gets few views the response is unpredictable. There is one young trans man that I suggest you check out. His name is Skylar Kergil. He lives in the Boston area and works at a bank. His YouTube channel is skylarkeleven. His videos are thoughtful and insightful. He also writes and plays music. Take care. See you in June.


  2. I will echo Blake’s comment. I will comment on a post if I feel I have something relevant to add. I normally will ‘like’ a post if I find it useful or interesting.

    Most of us who keep a blog do so as a means of expressing (nay, exposing) our thoughts to others, or as a diary of the changes we experience.

    I hope you will continue writing; I for one enjoy reading you.


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