About T

I’ll call her T, but she could be someone you know. She could be someone struggling with her college lessons, her trauma after a sexual assault, growing up with abusive parents indelibly scarred, returning from a war torn landscape remaking her world, or fighting substance abuse. It doesn’t matter. My T is another trans person,…… Continue reading About T

Through Our Fingers

We race Along the plain Following A path dimly seen Darkness Hides the path behind History Dimly seen Choices Yet to make Each Alone and yet together Some Leave before us Others Leave after Yet We can sometimes help others Make Their path last longer With Greater joy and laughter Make ready For those who…… Continue reading Through Our Fingers

What’s Transitioning?

Definition:┬áthe process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. That’s helpful, we know what a transition is. What does it mean for a person to transition from male to female or female to male? That’s more complex. There are at least three different things people talk about using the same…… Continue reading What’s Transitioning?

North Carolina Boycott – Hypocrisy?

Sometimes it’s interesting to read things that you don’t necessarily agree with. It keeps us intellectually honest. It stimulates our brains. It forces us to question our assumptions about our beliefs and the world. It can make us realize that there isn’t one correct answer but a multitude that depend on your values, faith and…… Continue reading North Carolina Boycott – Hypocrisy?

Why is the Bathroom such a big deal?

I was reading about a five year old going to the Nova school in St Paul. There are a few different articles out there. It isn’t the school’s actions that have me concerned but the reactions of the other parents. We are talking about five year olds here. Their child was being bullied at school…… Continue reading Why is the Bathroom such a big deal?

The ides of April

A couple of short things to relate, both in the nature of the nature of a woman’s reality. Not all is green in the pasture of perfume and nylons, no indeed. I’ll try to be amusing as I can. The other day I found myself mighty uncomfortable. Now when I say uncomfortable I mean that…… Continue reading The ides of April