The Sculpture

She starts with tiny ball of clay,
It slowly grows day by day,
Follows plans spare yet Divine,
Soon there follows mind and spine,
As weeks pass it has a face,
And four limbs all joined in place,
And so it stays for weeks and months,
Growing always leaps and bumps,
Then it starts to tumble round,
Its tiny gym it hears the sound,
Of outside world, not yet known,
Cozy yet, safe at home,
Then one day the time is come,
Its home it presses and it quakes,
And little one she follows now,
The same path followed by the crowd,
Of Grandma Deb, and Uncle Saul,
Father and Mother all,
Then at last bursts into light,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes so tight,
In Mother’s arms safe and warm,
Sheltered from life’s endless storms


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