The ides of April

A couple of short things to relate, both in the nature of the nature of a woman’s reality. Not all is green in the pasture of perfume and nylons, no indeed. I’ll try to be amusing as I can.

The other day I found myself mighty uncomfortable. Now when I say uncomfortable I mean that things really hurt and when I say hurt I mean that using the toilet for #1 was agonizing. I couldn’t concentrate on work, I could barely sit still. It was a new a unique and not welcome experience.

I thought perhaps I had a UTI. I called my doctor’s office and got in to see a nurse practitioner. Not much in the way of white blood cells in the urine, no abdominal pain, no fever, not a UTI (I remember the questions, I put together how things were decided after reading up later). They felt it was probably a yeast infection. I had foolishly not understood that a yeast infection could cause pain that way (some other symptoms hadn’t started yet) and I thought it always came with discharge and I’ve learned better.

They prescribed me a single pill of an antifungal that supposed to knock it out in three days. I’ve been having good and bad moments, drinking a ton of cranberry juice and seltzer, etc. I’ve added going commando to ensure better circulation.

I’ve reflected back on what I thought I yeast infection was and compare that with the pain and unrelieved itching I’ve been through and all I can say is oh my god I had no idea.

This was a physical experience, the next a mental one. Most of my experience of men being, well, men have been fairly innocuous and I can just sort of roll my eyes a bit. I play an online multiplayer game and a group of us were playing together. I had made a suggestion and this fellow does the guy thing. The “The RIGHT way to do this blah blah blah”. My choices are to back down, which I did, or to make a fuss and ruin things for nine or ten other people while this child yells.

So, for the ladies reading, why is it our responsibility to not shatter their fragile egos?

That’s all for today gentlefolks, a new workweek starts in just twelve hours.

Follow up on the 18th

Over the weekend the pain never cleared up. I’d be ok for some hours then not ok for some times when I’d pee. Itchy too.

I got a call this morning. It seems that it was indeed a UTI. Sometimes the patient is indeed right.


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