Makeup – Why do we wear it

What, this never crossed your mind? Putting on makeup and removing it, even if you do a minimal job is going to take up about fifteen minutes. Five is about the minimum in the morning and five for cleaning up, but you take a few more getting things set up and sitting down and checking…… Continue reading Makeup – Why do we wear it

Makeup – Make overs and Sales

You’re interested, and I have more articles to go after this, but I thought I’d give you a clue before you wander, helplessly into the clutches of those seemingly lovely ladies at your local Macy’s or Nordstrom’s or Lord and Taylor’s or Sak’s or Dillards or you get the idea. The Make Over Getting a…… Continue reading Makeup – Make overs and Sales

Buying Makeup

It might surprise you to find out how few companies actually make those many brands you see in the drugstore, or the high end beauty store. Sometimes the products are remarkably similar – I only have limited experience, but I’ve read reviews. Two really big companies dominate (look at the actual pages for complete listings):…… Continue reading Buying Makeup

Make up – Foundation and Concealer

If you are blessed with good skin, which could be true at any age, you might not need foundation, or at least not on an everyday basis. Foundation comes in two basic forms. Powder foundations come in a compressed cake that is applied with a brush or a buff. This is what’s in that traditional…… Continue reading Make up – Foundation and Concealer

An Answer to Transgender Bathroom Access

I am disengaging from any public forum on this, because I have found it violates my rule about engaging with zealots. Zealots are capable of disregarding truth in favor of opinion. There’s a difference between someone who says after a discussion that they still have concerns or don’t agree with a conclusion and one who…… Continue reading An Answer to Transgender Bathroom Access

Sexual Orientation

This is a complex subject and for trans people of either gender and either pre or post reassignment surgery coming up with a description is a pretty weird exercise in futility. A man who likes women is heterosexual but if that man transitions to be a trans woman she’s homosexual. Literally that’s true, at least…… Continue reading Sexual Orientation

Fiction writing

I’m starting a story as an experiment. I’m writing a chapter at a time. I’ll continue as long as there’s interest, I have the energy or I think the story goes on. Please give feedback, preferably constructive 🙂 — Let me amend the above. It may be lovely to have someone say they like a…… Continue reading Fiction writing