Boston Medical Center!

This year was to be a banner year for Boston. I had original heard that Dr. Oates at Boston Medical Center had gotten training and was going to start doing MtF reassignment procedures in January, but was disappointed when January came and went. I suppose delays are inevitable. In any case *I* wasn’t waiting – it’s not like one can get SRS twice.

I was delighted therefore to hear on WGBH on the way home that Boston Medical Center would start doing MtF procedures over the summer. I was incredibly pleased, I know many transwomen in the Boston area and this will be another thing to make their lives easier.

Even more so I was pleased because they will be training residents. At least that’s what was said on the news report. Dr. Safir, who spoke on the news report trained my endocrinologist.

There’s been a drought in Boston since the early 80s when all the teaching hospitals followed John’s Hopkins and stopped doing reassignment surgery. I hope that with BMC starting a program we will see other eminent Boston hospitals like Mass General and Beth Israel Deaconess consider this as well.


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