Fiction writing

I’m starting a story as an experiment. I’m writing a chapter at a time. I’ll continue as long as there’s interest, I have the energy or I think the story goes on. Please give feedback, preferably constructive 🙂

Let me amend the above. It may be lovely to have someone say they like a story or a piece of art you have crafted, but unless they say  what it was they liked it is somewhat without merit. A good critique will talk about the bad points and why they were bad and the good points and why they were good.

I got a few from a friend. An example of a very good criticism was that I didn’t have Nicky talk, it was mostly in third person and it made it hard for a reader to inhabit her world. It was an excellent point, with both what was wrong and why it was important spelled out.

I’ll be taking a second cut shortly (5/25/2016).

The Golden Clock


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