Make up – Foundation and Concealer

If you are blessed with good skin, which could be true at any age, you might not need foundation, or at least not on an everyday basis. Foundation comes in two basic forms. Powder foundations come in a compressed cake that is applied with a brush or a buff. This is what’s in that traditional compact that the ladies are carrying in the old movies. Powder foundation has its points, but generally is considered a good choice for younger people who don’t have wrinkles and who don’t have other issues with their skin.

Liquid foundations, which come in little pump bottles of every possible description (a couple of just plain little bottles too). They work on a wide variety of skin types and are usually considered better for aging skin and won’t cake in wrinkles and make them look worse.

Foundation should match your skin color as accurately as possible. When rubbed in it should ideally disappear. It probably won’t, so you’ll want to make sure to feather it out at the edges.

Picking a foundation? What does your face look like without it? Here’s an example:


Let’s say the top is your face. You have a couple of areas of unevenness that you’d like to minimize. If you use light foundation it’s obscured, but you can still see them fairly well. Maybe that’s enough. Medium foundation probably is enough, the areas are almost entirely gone. But if you want it to look perfect you would choose heavy foundation.

Why not choose heavy and not worry? Heavy foundation is thick and looks less natural. It makes your skin look more like a china doll or a mannequin. It isn’t just that, it is also less comfortable, it feels heavy.

Foundation is meant to work with other items and foundation isn’t the only tool in creating an even toned face to apply the rest of your makeup to.


If you have small spots to cover then you can use concealer on just those spots rather than trying to use heavier foundation. Concealer is effectively really heavy cream foundation. You put a dab on the spot and blend it with your finger. Some say to apply before and some say after foundation. I lean to after.

Covering Redness

A common issue is having blotches of red on your face. Some people just have a mild version and some people have what’s called roceasia which is an actual medical condition that causes redness.

Rather than using heavy foundation there are other means to deal with this. Yellow powder neutralizes the color (I don’t understand why so don’t ask me) as does green primer. I understand the green better than the yellow, but …

Applying Foundation

There are three basic ways of applying foundation: a non latex sponge, a cosmetic brush or your fingers. Try them all and see what works best for you. Apply foundation sparingly, remember that the idea with makeup is for it to look like there’s no makeup at all.




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