The Company of Women

A strange day today starting with insomnia, progressing to migraine and trouble functioning at work. I’m afraid though that the start had an impact on work and after a bit returning home seemed the better course of action. A nap later I’m still not quite there, but certainly closer to the next opportunity at a…… Continue reading The Company of Women

SRS going on nine months

Not exactly nine, more than eight, less than nine. It’s been four months or so since I’ve written anything about the surgery and the results. Truthfully things are not enormously changed, there are issues I’m dealing with, but they are very few. A few weeks ago I was finally able to ditch the liners. This…… Continue reading SRS going on nine months

Makeup – Lippy

That was one of those slang words I learned early that lipstick can be lippy. But there are a million things we can put on our lips from pale to black and wild colors too, blues and purples and greens. Lipsticks, stains, glosses, crayons all sorts of things. You could go mad. I’m just going…… Continue reading Makeup – Lippy

Pictures lacking soul

The other day while sitting with our friend at the craft show I found I needed lunch, I mean that’s what happens between breakfast and dinner, right? There was a pizza guy there, an older gent, maybe in his seventies, but could have been a little more. Really charming. Even a little flirtatious. i got…… Continue reading Pictures lacking soul


I debated about this. Do I ruin the mystery and confess what I really carry around? Do I explain how this has evolved? Many questions, not so many answers. There are a lot of kinds of bags, little ones that can ¬†carry a credit card, a $20 and a lipstick, and huge ones that can…… Continue reading Bags