Makeup – Lippy

That was one of those slang words I learned early that lipstick can be lippy. But there are a million things we can put on our lips from pale to black and wild colors too, blues and purples and greens. Lipsticks, stains, glosses, crayons all sorts of things. You could go mad.

I’m just going to talk about one kind of lipstick, and one kind of use for it. I’m not a makeup artist so I’m not going to talk about lining your lips – go look on YouTube, I don’t think it’s worth the bother for daytime makeup.

A lot of this is opinion, go read reviews if you want to know what people think. I’ve tried out a bunch of products after a few years and I dare say I’m not alone in this. Lipstick is also a cheap treat to buy yourself as a present.

Remember: we might lose the electronic toys, but we gain shoes, makeup and clothes. I really think we win.

Durability Claims

Take claims of 10 hours, 12 hours, 14 hours with a grain of salt. Maybe if you put the lippy on and stood there with your mouth open. I don’t care what you put on. Once you eat anything like real food you have to reapply or just be content with a pale version of your morning lips (perfectly ok in my book).

What is it

Traditional lipstick basically a wax stick with pigment. The wax is softened with other ingredients like oils to make is spread nicely on your lips and moisturize them. Good quality lipsticks combine pigments that will stain your lips a bit as well as surface pigments. There’s a great site out there that talks about which brands have the best profile of ingredients in terms of safety for particular items of makeup.

Picking it

The two lipsticks I really like I bought at Ulta and Sephora. I was able to try them on, get advice and know what I was getting. One’s a smashbox lippy in Fig and the others a Laura mercier in Devotion. Great colors for me and the second is very good for daily wear for me.

What’s good for you will be different. If you don’t know what you’re doing, I suggest that it might be worth getting advice via a purchase or a makeover (which is really a  purchase as explained elsewhere). You may or may not have the judgment to figure it out. I’m reasonably good with color, but figuring out on myself is still dicey.

If you do try it on (or any other makeup) be aware that you don’t use any of the testers directly. The stores have little disposable applicators. For the lippies they’ll clean them for you.

Keep in mind that you don’t actually need to buy it in the store just because you tried it on there. It doesn’t work for me, but it might for you.

Applying Lipstick

This was an annoying thing to figure out. I looked and looked and  didn’t find a good explanation. What’s with that? It isn’t a hard process. You do each lip then slide the upper back to front over the lower.

Lower lip, pout out your lower lip a bit and apply the lipstick so it covers maybe 1/2 – 3/4 of the lower lip from the back edge. If you don’t start at the back edge you’ll end up with some on the skin in the front and it’s messy.

Upper lip, using the point, apply two vertical lines, one from each point in the “cupid’s bow” at the middle top of your lip. Then fill down on each side. Again, stay away from the front edge. When you smudge your lips together this all gets fixed. You also don’t need to cover the middle between the two lines.

Now smudge your lips, not super hard, you’re just trying to spread the color out.

Blot with a tissue and you’re  done. Or don’t blot and  enjoy leaving kiss marks on your friends and enemies alike.




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