SRS going on nine months

Not exactly nine, more than eight, less than nine. It’s been four months or so since I’ve written anything about the surgery and the results. Truthfully things are not enormously changed, there are issues I’m dealing with, but they are very few.

A few weeks ago I was finally able to ditch the liners. This was a huge relief. It just gets to be a pain after eight months of stuff in your panties. Just having cloth there feels so, so much better. I did use some rolls of 4×4 gauze for a bit and was then able to go without.

It may have been some issue with the adhesive in the liners themselves that kept irritation going on and requiring the liners. I did some reading. But I also started to use some diaper rash cream, basically a zinc oxide ointment, to promote healing and more likely that reduced some issues to a more reasonable level. The inflammation I had going on seems much reduced.

Dilation is remaining problematic. I have a few problem areas that cause pain. I’m still mostly limiting dilation to the 1 1/8 dilator. I’m back at the GYN in a few weeks and I want to find out what can be done about the raw areas and the area at the bottom where I have scar tissue. I suspect just time.

Dilation can safely be done every other day if I want to now. I do a longer dilation than was initially recommended. I will go up to the 1 1/4 dilator if I can get it in without undue pain. I think much of the pain issue is muscle tightening, which causes sticking and skin stretching in bad areas.

My biggest news was that after eight months I finally found that everything was completely working. I had gotten close a number of times before, but not gotten over the hump as it were.

For those who are curious I can’t really satisfy your curiosity yet. I used to have some pain on orgasm on occasion, and that cleared up after a bit. That seems to be back, but given that there were body parts in use that have lain dormant for eight months, it might be understandable. To give a good answer though would require not having pain enter into the process, because once pain started appearing it kinda took me out of the pleasure.

From what I did experience I’m looking forward to repeating it.


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