SRS dilation followup

I’ve had a long standing pain issue with dilation. It started pretty early. I had great optimism that second week when I started because it was painless but pretty soon that changed. I’ve grown to understand that my key issue has been scarring and a fissure. The scarring formed a band around the vaginal opening…… Continue reading SRS dilation followup

Behold Beauty

True beauty within the craggy face The glow of ancient eyes Belies the light within You see the young girl fulfilled All glorious with the completeness Of a soul unchained Filled to the brim Sees the morning light Glows with compassion for the people Who gather at her feet, Earth mother They cry and receive…… Continue reading Behold Beauty

SRS Diary 7/22/16

Note to people who don’t want to hear about surgery, vaginas, scar tissue, dilators, etc. Please go look elsewhere. This will be TMI, you have been warned. First, a little retrospective. I had surgery to feel more aligned and comfortable with my body. Safety in public situations was there and has unfortunately felt even more…… Continue reading SRS Diary 7/22/16

Betrayed by a bit of lace

I was sitting in a chair at Bare Minerals getting made up to try one of their foundations. I’m making the woman who’s doing the make up and another customer laugh. I told the beautician O that I had been to see some one who treats folks like me well, and I knew she knew.…… Continue reading Betrayed by a bit of lace

Hell on Earth

The second of the pair At the sight of the elders The young men laugh at their stooped shoulders and their canes They ridicule their slow gate The wrinkles they have earned See only the outer skin And not the sweet person within The family visits three times a year Each time the children are…… Continue reading Hell on Earth

The Elysium Fields

First of two coupled poems The young children sit At the feet of the sage Drink in the wisdom The wisdom of age The gifted are held With soft loving hands Their prophesies heard Lend meaning to plans The young men they dance The young women to They care not who couples With whom and…… Continue reading The Elysium Fields