David’s Face

Son Visage,
Sculpté en marbre,
Dans le vent et la pluie,
Par les mains du bon Dieu

The artist stands and regards,
Sees each line engraved,
Carefully ground through the stone,
Emotion made real in marble

Les bras ont appartient d’un homme blessé,
Trouvé par l’artist sur les champs de la bataille,
arrachés d’lui et apporté de devenir l’inspiration,
Pour the bras formé en vides de marbre

The twisted limbs mock the form in  grotesquerie,
She considers her inspiration,
A hunchback or some other deformed person,
Who lived centuries ago

Chaque coupe de marteaux une autre partie
Forme le corps et l’esprit de l’homme
Qui s’a souvenu
Pour sa miene et ses paroles braves

Stepping back she admires
The work of her hands
The reflection of ages gone past
King David

The English and French reflect one another but are not translations. For those who don’t speak French I recommend Google translate. The word miene is not in translate for some unknown reason, it means expression as in a facial expression as you might mean when talking about someone having a stern expression. I didn’t use translate to write the French but it was handy in checking spelling and correcting my grammar since I’m not a native speaker.


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