Betrayed by a bit of lace

I was sitting in a chair at Bare Minerals getting made up to try one of their foundations. I’m making the woman who’s doing the make up and another customer laugh. I told the beautician O that I had been to see some one who treats folks like me well, and I knew she knew. It was a slip on my part, so hmm?

I’m always curious because I’ve been given to believe I have nothing showing anymore that lets anyone know, except having a big mouth at times. It was the exposed bit of lace front on my hairpiece. The current piece is a bit worn so that shows and my hair is back and that uncovers it. Time for a side bang.

O said that was it, sigh. Watch your hairline ladies!

It is really hard to believe that it has been just a bit over three years since my first makeover. In October it will be three years since I started hrt.

Someone asked me the other day if I’m happy with my decision. It’s a funny question since I have serious doubts that I could have resisted self harm without transition. I look back and I have lost many things and i have gained many things. The final tally isn’t know and I may never know it.

what I do know now is that when I look within myself the is no small bit of boy or man hiding in some corner. There is only a woman. It isn’t that the other wouldn’t be handy at times, but it isn’t up to me.


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