Hell on Earth

The second of the pair

At the sight of the elders
The young men laugh
at their stooped shoulders
and their canes

They ridicule their slow gate
The wrinkles they have earned
See only the outer skin
And not the sweet person within

The family visits three times a year
Each time the children are afraid
But a little less as they remember Grandma
But she’s starting to forget them

The prophet stands
At the corner of 99th and Broadway
Speaking his truth to the crowd
Earnest he speaks to all who would listen

His time has past
People jostle him and sometimes steal
From his meager belongings
For they have no shame

The young woman walks hand in hand
With a beautiful young man
They’re happy together
But a car passes by, an angry yell breaks the trance

Happiness can’t be had
For someone who’s different
Not while people believe that they have a right
To judge within their walls of glass



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