On the sand we find them
Burrowed all around
Hardened shells
Formed by the soft being within

So in life we find them
Surrounded all around
Hardened shells
Masks formed by the soul within

Smiling faces without warmth
Eyes without life
Words with no meaning
Greetings with no meaning

We search to find
Warmth and life within
One mask to anther
We search in vain

At last we find them
The few
The loyal
The brave
The open minded
The kind

We feel their warmth turn
Our fear to joy
Thaw our freezing toes
Warm cider to our parched and cold lips
Nourishment to our yearning hearts

In gratitude we in turn open our hearts
To give in full measure
To fill the pool with love
To show those who despair hope
The fearful love
The empty joy

It is never enough
It will never be enough
But it is all the love we have to give


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