What can a Woman say?

Every woman out there knows the situation. If you say something you’re a bitch, if you don’t you’re just shaking your head internally at the insensitivity and stupidity of men. Seriously, how can they think that way.

Back when I was a guy it seemed so innocent, and I think it just doesn’t occur to guys that the tool calendar on the wall of the auto shop’s wall is this big “girls stay out” sign. It’s like the big girls stay out sign of the club house or tree fort, but it’s just done with a nubile young woman holding a giant jackhammer wearing about three square inches of cloth.

You know the guys who were talking in the corner about the cute outfit the admin was wearing just loud enough for her to hear. At least that doesn’t happen where I work. Those that tell jokes about women do it where the women can’t hear. Much better, right?

The particular one that annoyed me was one of these amusing (to men) lists of how different people have sex. It would have lines like “Marines do it at attention” or some such. In case you were dim it was overlaid on a drawing of an attractive woman, scantily clad. It isn’t that I can’t see the humor value, I just see the agenda too.

What was I to say. Saying anything positive was out of the question. It just wasn’t funny anymore. Women can say this sort of this is degrading all day long and men don’t get it. God help you if you try to explain, because you become a feminazi to borrow from that blowhard Rush Limbaugh.

So I said nothing. I talked with a gf at work and she said “Just wait until you’re the only woman and the group of men tell you what women think/want”. I sorta couldn’t believe it, but I’ve heard someone (male) talking to our professional women’s group say something almost as clueless, so maybe so.



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