SRS Redux and Update 9/23/16

Don’t read this if you don’t like medical stuff and descriptions of surgical procedures, healing situations, etc. You’ve been warned. First a bit of a redux since at this point I’m about seven weeks shy of a year. I had my reassignment surgery and breast augmentation done by Dr. Sherman Leis in Philadelphia. My results…… Continue reading SRS Redux and Update 9/23/16

I am to my love as my love is to me*

We met again on Winter’s day colder by far than month of May bold colors gone petals astray frosty words grew heavy From where came you? I ask of her Farther than yon North starts there Beyond twelve rivers I crossed them fair With all bold angels waiting To where had you gone she asked…… Continue reading I am to my love as my love is to me*

Truth Stranger than Fiction?

I just returned from a short vacation. The first vacation I’ve taken since I went on medical leave last fall to have SRS on November 9th and from which I return to part time work at the beginning of 2016 and full time work only at the start of March. I truly struggled with what…… Continue reading Truth Stranger than Fiction?

Makeup Evolution

Cost – do you get what you pay for? It’s a great question. I highly recommend checking out these review videos on youtube. You find bad reviews for high end brands, good reviews for low end brands. You find inexpensive products that can replace products that are many times their price, or at least really…… Continue reading Makeup Evolution

Being Me 9/9/16

I’ve dated this because, it will become dated. I continue to take stock as things change, as I change as the people around me change, as my relationships change. Life is change, it stops when we die, and not before. I’ve spoken before about what transition is, and I emphasized the mental. I was right…… Continue reading Being Me 9/9/16


The world of color for men tends to not be very descriptive, as in “what color are your pants?” the reply is “blue” or maybe “light blue” never “navy blue” vs “indigo” vs “cornflower” vs “robin’s egg blue” vs “cerulean” vs “teal”. It’s “orange” and absolutely never ever “salmon” or “coral”. The really crazy thing…… Continue reading Colors