Need a Label

We just don’t have a good name for it I realized. My separated but not divorced spouse that I’m still friends with who isn’t really my wife. Can’t use wife, can’t use partner or significant other, girlfriend is too confusing because it could be taken as Girlfriend instead. Very tough.

Then I’m thinking well she’s an almost ex wife. What about wex? She’s my wex! Works pretty well, isn’t a word already. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me too well, hex is already a word, but it could be a different meaning of almost ex husband.

It could be applied to other things to. An almost ex golfer would be a gex, but wait, and almost ex swimmer would be a sex? Hmm, that can’t be right. Let’s see ex Texan is a tex which sounds like a Texan  – this is going in circles.

Well anyway, maybe it works for the first one. Wex, a new word for what my almost ex wife and current friend is to me.


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