The world of color for men tends to not be very descriptive, as in “what color are your pants?” the reply is “blue” or maybe “light blue” never “navy blue” vs “indigo” vs “cornflower” vs “robin’s egg blue” vs “cerulean” vs “teal”. It’s “orange” and absolutely never ever “salmon” or “coral”.

The really crazy thing is that I know what most of those words mean with respect to one another. If someone tells me she bought a dress in coral I can see the color. It also isn’t at all the case that showing a guy coral and salmon and orange next to each other would result in him saying that they are the same color; our visual systems don’t work differently (absent the prevalence of red green color blindness).

I do wonder where it comes from though. Is it from the same place that makes many women more concerned with appearances of home and person? Is it a language use thing, similar to why the sexes tend toward more or less elaboration or description, but apparently not more or fewer words despite popular belief – although I’m not sure I believe the studies.

It’s a curious thing. Let’s celebrate our world of color, but understand that our male friends aren’t going to wear that purple shirt no matter if it be lavender, eggplant, violet or the darkest version of nightshade.


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